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Carpet Guide

Tips to maintain and sustain your carpet’s beauty


Carpets are investments for life because unlike any other things or products its value increases with time rather than decreasing. But the main thing about maintaining its value and quality is to ensure that it is properly maintained, cleaned and kept sleek and beautiful like it was when you purchased it. The best and the most advisable way to keep them as new as ever is by vacuuming it regularly. This would prevent the soil being formed over the surface and from making the carpet’s pile embedded. With regular maintenance and cleaning your carpets would last longer, be beautiful and fluffy as ever, give you the needed comfort and would be durable more than your age.

Your vacuuming process should differ along with the type of carpet you are using, while some should be cleaned with a rotating brush other might be cleaned with a beater bar or suction only.  So when you bring a vacuuming cleaner at your home you need to take care of a few things and features which will make your cleaning process easy and maintainable:

Check for a vacuum which has adjustable height so that you can use the highest setting wherever it is appropriate.

The vacuum should have efficient airflow so that you can avoid concentrated and sealed suction.

When the vacuum has large wheels it let the machine glide easily across the carpet so see that it has large wheels.

You should use professional cleaning after every 12 to 18 months so that the quality is maintained. The frequency of vacuuming should be according to the traffic and other factors that are involved with it like dust, soil, thickness, color and exposure.

If you see any kind of sprouts and snags in the surface cut them with a sharp scissor, never pull the snag as that would only damage the pile.

When you want to remove any dent which may have caused by keeping heavy furniture over it, do not stroke the carpet but use the edges of a coin to remove it. You could also use a hair dryer or an iron steam to gently raise the area which gets dented while you ask someone to tug the tufts upwards. CAUTION: Remember you should never let the iron touch the carpet at any point of time.

If by any chance your carpets get prone to any kind of burns then try removing the tops of the dark of the burnt fibers with the help of a curved scissors or fingernail. You may require patching or in worse case replace the carpet if the burn is extensive.

In case your carpet gets flooded with the unhappy occurrence of a burst pipe from a washing machine or other such leaks then dry the carpet on both sides and later call in a professional cleaner along with proper equipment to get it cleaned.

Essential home tips to remove common stains

For the most effective way to remove stains from your carpet is to use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. You should use the attachment that comes along with the best suction and try to vacuum the stains on the carpet for as long or as much as possible. When you are vacuuming continue adding water to the stain as the process goes.

When you discover any area of the carpet with stains, it should be attended immediately because the more time you take to clean the stain the more difficult it will be to remove it. Let not the time elapse with your laziness and start acting before it is too late. There are many cleaning kit that you will find n the market but be careful before you buy them as some may contain too much of chemicals that will spoil the carpet in the long run, for best use buy any good Floor-care Essential Carpet spot Remover and Cleaning kit.

When you have children in the house, your furniture along with your precious carpet is always at a danger to get stained. When you find any food stain on them first you need to scrape the spill gently with the help of a spoon or with a dull knife, try removing the solid material from the carpet as much as possible. Some stains might require detergent to be removed, so use them sparingly for best results and then gently rinse the area with warm water while you move the vacuum wand back and forth. Use a towel to absorb the moisture used for rising. If your spill is liquid then immediately get some dry towel and tap down the area so that it absorbs the moisture immediately.

If the spot or stain is very deep use spot removal solvent like any good Floor-care Essentials Spot Remover or any other kind of very low residue carpet spot remover. Remember to check that the spot remover that you are buying is approved by the Carpet and rug Institute of America so that they do not in turn damage your carpet. To check if the solvent is best for your carpet apply a few drops of the spot removal solvent on a clean white cloth and blot an inconspicuous area of your carpet with it, if you see that there is any change in color of the cloth or any colors got transferred on the white cloth then you should immediately consult a professional carpet cleaner before going ahead with the cleaning process.

After you clean the stain place a towel or cloth over it and put a heavy weight over it. Let the object be colorfast so that it absorbs the moisture and leave it overnight for effective result.

If you find that the stains are still there even after the cleaning is done then moisten up the tufts in the stain affected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide and let it be there for about an hour. After that blot the area and start repeating the process until you have a stain free and spotless carpet in front of you. After that you don’t need to rinse the carpet or the area, just weight down the area with a pad of paper towels and allow the carpet to dry naturally.

There might be some stains which cannot be removed at all as they alter the color of the carpet completely and permanently. These types of stains are those that are affected by acid toilet bowl cleaners, alkaline drain cleaners, hair dyes, chlorinated bleaches, acne medicines and iodine, mustard, insecticides, turmeric and plant fertilizers. Try keeping all these products away from your carpets all the time and if by any chance they still come in contact with your carpet then immediately call a professional cleaner to clean it. You should at least do one professional cleaning every 18 months to maintain and protect your carpet from any kind of damage. Regular vacuuming is also necessary and is a must in order to keep the carpet sparkling like new forever.