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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What is The Custom Carpets?

The Custom Carpets is an online custom carpet store that sells and makes rugs in any style, size and colors according to customer requirement.

  • When you will ship my rug?

It depends on size and type of weaving like for 9×12 size knotted rugs it can take 8 weeks, for 9×12 size tufted rug it takes 5 weeks. However shipping time varies case to case.

  • What is price of custom rugs?

It depends on quality of rug material and size of carpet.

  • How do I payment for my carpet?

We take 50% payment at the time of order and when carpet is ready we send the photo and you can transfer the remaining money.

  • How do I get sample?

Once you place the order we make the sample and send you with sample within 2 weeks. After you approval we start working on the carpet.

  • Is custom rugs are expensive than available rug on your website?

We are manufacturer of carpets so we don’t charge extra money for custom rugs and prices are alomost same for both rugs.